My Eternal Grace

Written by: Abdullah Jasim

Sitting at night under the shelter of moon
It all started recently, and it all ended soon
I heard many words, advices and lectures
Reading words, images, hints and gestures

Along the path in a lonesome world I hike
And plant my rose, yet all I get is nothing but spike
Feeling it, might, greatness, scare, awe and fear
But can’t I see that it’s so small, trivial, and mere

They all advice me, do I know nothing now?
Maybe I do, and all my relations I mow
For I know that all is insignificant these days
That I think as others do, yet in different ways

Live in pain and stick to my sorrows? Not anymore
There’s more in life to survive and strive for
Life is beautiful and beauty is life, now I believe
No time to give up, sit back watch and grieve

Others are waiting for me… waiting from afar
They heal, although they don’t see the scar
“People who are farthest from us, are the closest”
Forever shall I remember this; it was the first

The first thing she told me, and now it’s hollow
She’s gone forever, leaving nothing but sorrow
Dragged by the whirlpool of the almighty sea
Along with wrecked ships that are gone free

The name will forever be carved inside no matter what
Even if my memories vanish and my thoughts get cut
The memory will stay there lighting the place
Will stay forevermore, as my eternal grace