Et Ego Te In Arcadia Amavi

Written by: denis bruce

Crystal clear do I see that sunlit glade
Wherein our first act of love was made
Your quick,panting breaths heightened my ardour
As we embraced in our cosy,clinging arbour
When your soft lips melted into mine
As strong and  heady as a rich wine.
How lustrous was your ivory skin
As together we did tightly cling,
Your glorious globes yielding close to me,
With  papillae as succulent as a ripe cherry.
Your gentle touch and stroke quickened  my desire
And set my entire body full on fire.
I did gaze with awe upon your smooth milky white thighs,
Your silkily screened  oasis evoked my sighs
As you arched your back,legs open wide,
To usher me urgently and pressingly inside
Where your welcoming moistness eased my entry
To encourage  parry and thrust aplenty.
Once I was safely and securely in place,
Around me your legs did lovingly lace
Until we both climaxed with pleasure,
The memory of which is a rare treasure.

That day  ,coalescing as one,
Our glade sparkled in the sun.
While our hearts raced with delight,
Our glade became birdsong bright.
Lying close with vigour spent
Its blooms bathed us in their scent.
Drinking in our time of bliss,
Nature  blessed us with her kiss.
So sweet was our moment fine
That the whole world tasted divine.

Ere we should forever fall asleep
This loving memory we will keep.