Ugly Beauty

Written by: Abdullah Jasim

I fell in my own dreams and elegance
In my own mind and beautiful instance
Wrecked, wretched, twisted all haunted
With dreams of a past that I wanted

Moments of scandals and shamelessness
Of abandon, theft and uselessness
Through the empty cracks of the walls
Through the dimness of empty halls

They all fade away one by one in a queue
Flowers drop last drops of morning dew
Red roses dying everywhere on the grey
Ground and their scents just fade away

Trees outside blocking the sun and its light
Creating something of an eternal night
The lake behind is deep, dark and green
Nothing can see, and nothing can be seen

A swift tone emitted with light harmony
A one played in a happy death ceremony
Frozen between the ashes of stillness
Behind a mountain with wonderful finesse

Butterflies resting on the dead roses tired
Everything is imperfectly perfect as desired
Birds roaming the skies singing soft screeches
Quite lands with neither words nor speeches

Yet far away you hear a soft and light sound
A voice it is, gracious, complete and round
Whispering to herself while sitting all alone
On a shattered bench, yet seen as her throne

A queen in her kingdom, a queen with no king
No prince, people, animals or any other thing
Waiting, yet not knowing what she’s waiting for
With complete patience and even more

Laughing lightly and drawing a pretty smile
Holding her arms around and holding a pile
A pile of fallen leaves from old trees in the garden
Enjoying that, yet seems as a heavy pardon

Waiting knowing that someday she’ll rise
With beautiful and wide grey blue eyes
Shining in the middle of the dim jungle
Like the fire surrounded by rundles

Yet suddenly I wake up and feel
Realizing that all this is something unreal
All dreams are washed away with rain
And all the previous moments are back again