Returning the Gem

Written by: Abdullah Jasim

Going out of his house in morning
Absent from his own world thinking
Staring at his mom putting his meal
His eyes seemed so absent and unreal

Where was his mind? Where is he?
Maybe he’s young, and seems carefree
Yet what humans’ minds don’t regard
Is that he’s torn and ripped apart
                                     Thinking alone…

Why does no one notice his eyes?
Leaving the house without saying good-byes
Thinking about one thing… about them
About what they all said about his gem

They saw him with a black gem in his hands
While they held nothing, but burnt sands
They were jealous… they envied him at once
They held grudge, hatred and envy, so hence
                                        They wanted revenge…

They went around and said, “You can’t gain
That gem from your work or your fake pain
Stop acting weird, and give this gem back
You stole it last night in the dark”

He stood confused not knowing how or why
They did say such things about him or did lie
He felt tired, though not much happened then
He didn’t want to lose them, so he wanted to return
                                        The gem…

Yet one thing stopped him… there was no one to give it back to