Written by: Hilde Bird


(Mother's Pain)

The entrance to my sacred garden is crowded 

with tears, confused minds and lost souls.

In silence, I ask:

"Could I have done more?"


I tried to save you from pain and harm

From the lumps and bumps

 in the many roads ahead.

I tried to give you all the things I never had.

"Could I have done more?"


I tried to keep you from falling

 and taught you right from wrong. I taught you 

compassion for all humanity,

and to be honest with yourself and to everyone you meet.

"Could I have done more?"


I am old and weary now, too tired and weak

to pick you up when you fall again and again.

I look for an answer, for guidance, and ask for a blessing.

Could I have done more?

Should I have done less?


A mild breeze by the window caresses me.

I am still and I become the breeze.

I become the wind and I become you,

 helpless and confused.


"Time does not always heal, 

only love does