Written by: Kirstie Fontes

Hope is something
that you feel,
Like love and trust,
it’s just as real.

Hope is that thing
that keeps us going,
It helps us to learn
and keep on growing.

Because no matter
what happens today,
There’s always tomorrow,
hope shows the way.

Love can be broken,
and trust can be lost,
But hope must stay with you
no matter the cost.

Keep it safe,
and keep it alive.
Without hope
we die inside.

So, the next time
you are filled with despair,
And your heart is heavy
with burdens to bear.

Look to the heavens,
search deep in your soul,
Know that your future
is yours to control.

We all have hope in us;
it’s honest and true,
Just look to the future, 
and find the dream within you.