When he LOVED me

Written by: Senait Mohammed

When somebody loved me,
Everything was beautiful
Every hour we spent together lives within my heart
and when he was sad,
I was there to dry his tears
And when he was happy,
So was I
When he loved me
Through the summer and the fall
We had each other, that was all
Just he and I together,
Like it was meant to be
And when he was lonely,
I was there to comfort him.

I knew that he loved me
So the years went by
I stayed the same
But he began to drift away
I was left alone
Still I waited for the day
When he'd say I will always love you
Lonely and forgotten,
I'd never thought he'd look my way
And he smiled at me and held me just like he used to do
Like he loved me
When he loved me when somebody loved me
everything was beautiful
when he LOVED me..