Written by: Brenda Ints

Down in a garden where fairies dwell , lived a fairy named Annabell.
But Annabell wasn't like the rest , keeping in mind , she always did her best.
But try as she may , try as she might , Annabell never ever took flight.
She would sit under a bluebell and flutter her wings.
Always in wonder what each day would bring.
Will I truely be able to fly?
How will I know , if I don't try?
As Annabell made her way to the top , hoping she wouldn't come down with a 
She fluttered her wings , and took a step out.
Hoping no other fairies were about.
As she fluttered her wings , and took to air.
It wasn't long , and she wasn't there.
All the other fairies laughed until  they cried.
Who ever heard of a fairy that couldn't fly.
This made Annabell feel left out , as she watched other fairies fly and dash about.
Why can't I fly ? She would say to herself.
None of them knew how she really felt.
And them one day , just out of the blue.
She fluttered her wings  and Annabell flew.
Flying and dashing all about , Annabell finally worked it out.
To never give up , and to always try.
Now Annabell , truely can fly.