Afro Woman

Written by: Mothusi Makhaza

Figure clad in white
Soul clothed in ashen
Body soaked in wine
Youth entrenched in mind
Foreign name on paper.
A specimen of mystery
Unseen splendor
Timeless experience
A living dictionary of life
Your body scarred by time
Face disfigured by “LOVE”
Hands marred by money
Hair, gray from thoughts 
You have lived millennia or two
But your origins, not a soul knows
Some say “David’s Descendants”
Others claim, ”Soul’s Remnants ”
They have dug out graves,
Gone through caves, 
Even looked into the Nile 
Some gaze up into the firmament
& Debate “THE BIG BANG”
But No!
You are, Son of the soil,
Daughter of the sand
Mother AFRIKA breast-fed you,
 Father Sun baked your Identity
Ostriches are raised for you,
Cattle slaughtered all for your honor
You are a black man
Born of AFRIKA
Blessed by the stars,
Cloned by the night
Rise above your feet and be proud.