In a World Of Shame I

Written by: Abdullah Jasim

In a world of shame, I stood there with everything lost…

Aid of god may seem the only hope
Have to face troubles and coup
As the dreams inside me ache
As I realize they all are fake
Yet all hopes are done forever
Caring for none and whoever…

Looking at what my world is now
As in the end I had to bow
Swaying on my way through the dark world
Looking around, and seeing none but me
Long have I denied feelings and chords
Weeping for who I was, and who I will be

Lying alone on the cold ground
Lying with feelings as my bounds
Watching the moon as it falls down
Watching it falls behind walls of town
Falls into the eternal slumber
Long shall I recall and remember…

Last days, yet seemed eternal
Last days, yet seem immortal
Facing the eternity grounded
Hearing feelings sounded
Will I ever know what I can ever do…?
Seems reality, yet I know it’s not true

May you forever wonder what I wield…
A beast is growling inside, yet sealed
Sealed with reality, leashed with facts
Chained with my own patience and pacts
If you can’t seal the beast inside…
Then seal yourself and step aside…

Words were said yet among them I heard one
I heard the name of who shall not be gone
Forcing my innocence through guilt…
Forcing corruption through what I built
Moribund is what seems to be coming
Through the mire, I’m just walking…

Using the past as an excuse to justify
Justifying what seems deserving to die
Hiding from pillage while the crime is a massacre
Hitting walls on both sides as a faulty drunkard
As black dots mummify the breath out of my lungs
Breathing flames, flames of poisonous tongues

A man who can’t face himself can’t face death
And so I was to decide to face myself sith
Strings attached and well hidden, yet appear
Destiny it is, and it is what we all fear…
All that I still have is what you didn’t take
Watching the ugliness reflected on the lake…