A Child in Reality

Written by: Marilyn Hernandez

Her bright brown eyes stared...
They stared into a world of lightness.
It was a world known only to her mind.
A world where dreams came true

But it was only a world of fantasy to the eyes of others,
A world of fun and games, and not reality to the ones with experienced eyes.
But to her eyes, it was the only reality,
The only reality she had ever known.

They called her a baby and a coward,
But if the child had really known the true reality of the experienced eyes,
She may never want to open her eyes,
Or awaken and see what they all saw...a world of darkness.

Who could blame her for being naive and ignorant?
A child who would be traumatized if she saw half the things they saw.
She had seen enough of what she should know.
A child should only know but so much.

Who could say they've seen it all? 
Who could say this as a child?
Who could blame her for her innocence?
For who would want to be a child in reality?