Written by: Abdullah Jasim

Dancing in a sinking street
Wet hair yet looks neat
With black eyes to tell reality
What is real, is real with all clarity
Clair was her beautiful name
Light was reflected on her face
Although sun was hidden with grace
Inside, she felt happy
Raw nature, yet so fragile

Meaning were well hidden
For her lips were awfully bitten
As she looked at the sky horrified
Lightning stroke down leaving her petrified
Everyone walked unwilling to help Clair
Everyone walked, didn’t notice or care
Drawing her face on the muddy ground
Clair looked down, not up at the black cloud
Clair shed her tears, and waited there

Her tears mixed with rain

As her eyes observed the sky
Her ears heard the thunder and the cry
The cry of an outrageous sky
Looked at the reflection of the lake
She saw vain, hollow, and long past

She tasted the bitter drop of the rain
She hoped that she’s still sane
She stood there stunned inside
As the roaring thunder stepped aside
As the clouds went back to where they reside

Hearing the thunder echoing throughout the way
Clair left the street…