Written by: Abdullah Jasim

Passing by the long street
Seeing a kid staring at his feet
On a chair of two wheels
Staring at his bare heels
In a corner with none around
Where he can hear no sound

Everyone knew him
For his name was Rim
One day, moving his chair
He was to look and stare
At the crowd that came
Thought it would be a game

He smiled, for someone cared
He smiled, for the sun glared
He smiled… Yet not for long
His thoughts were all wrong
They came not to say hi
They came to say good-bye

They stood and said with coldness
“To the orphanage, you and your illness”
He wiped away his tears
He wiped away his fears
For they did come true
For there was nothing to do

On the way through the mount
There he stared at the dry fount
He stared with tears in his eyes
He no longer believed the lies
He rolled his wheels and moved
Through the cliffs and the coves

He dove down deep into the dark
The men looked with no cark
They looked with no surprise
For they believed their eyes
Rim went down, yet he flew
Left with no trace or clue…

(Inspired by Violet for Sarah Jones)