The Titan

Written by: Abdullah Jasim

Tales of the past are spoken once again
A titan stood in the sparkling quarry
Fearful he was, yet known as the humane
He lived in the city yet never did he harry

In a dismal morning, one kid shouted loud
“Mom is dying on the bed!” and so they came in
The torturous tears fell down for what he has found
Is nothing but a dying mother on the bed of the sin

The wise man was summoned to the abyssal house
He stood there wandering in a world of nether dust
They saw his eyes immerse, as his thoughts douse
Examining the dying body as the skies stormed with gust

The villagers came in warning from the upcoming fleet
The wise attendant said: “Heart of a titan would be the cure…”
He spoke his last words in middle of the storms and the heat
“Shall we kill him, and for the sin… shall we forever endure”

He shall not, for he vanished to hollowness
As the city is raging with the shouts of the sinful
The father took his wand heading to the vastness
Hoping that he would save her, and save the only dreadful

Walking carelessly, in the storms of the chaotic world
Walking carelessly, towards the titan of the splitting thunder
He stared in his eyes and mesmerized him with a word
The titan bowed to the mortal, and fell into eternal slumber

He cleft the titan in his chest, and took his heart out
As the army of the fallen angels is attacking the hordes
The titan looked at him speechlessly and blanked out
Feeling the betrayal done to him, and feeling the sad chords

Closing his eyes as the army shot their hellish arrows
He just turned around and obstructed the arrows of death
As his sour tears fell onto the ground that held his sorrows
Feeling nothing, yet regretting his wasted life and faith

Humans then realized their true sin and their betrayal
They knelt down as the titan fell on the holy ground
Their sins never were as deadly, or ever as fatal
Shall they forever be hunted by the cursed hound…