Dissy Devil

Written by: Rany Fortuno

Dissociated, alone in the crowd
Always the wallflower
Often ignored, for crying out loud
Quite different from the others..

Dispirited, a constant failure
No luck in trying hard
A pathetic born loser
No reward but always scarred..

Dysfunctional, never in tune
A lot of potential but no improvement
Trying to be optimistic but always doomed
Wanting to do so much but couldn’t..

Dismember, anyone in sight
When in this attack mode!
Sometimes a jaded frame of mind
Just can’t help being paranoid..

Disaster, on my part
When everyone else calls it crisis
Does it really have to be this hard,
When in your mid-twenties?

This must be my plight
So I have come to notice
‘been this long, no end in sight
Is there no cure for this disease?