My Strife

Written by: Abdullah Jasim

He followed heavens for their holy space
He wanted to be him, but he was mistaken
Snakes all around the place filled with poison
His eyes were open for the first time in life
His heart was awaken in the end of the strife

He wanted to stay asleep, but they awoke him
He wanted to stay in darkness, while the light is dim
He hid his troubles and was ready for the world
But he was mistaken, for the burden went beyond
He thought that he is the master and the dominator
He despised every loyal, and despised every traitor
He believed that he was close to what he called perfection
He was aware of all his troubles, yet unaware of the destruction

He never cared for a human, and now he does care
He wanted to be alone, to be a lone wolf, and not a hare
And now he lost his dreams due to other dreams
Lying on his bed crying, unaware of life, waiting to die
Realizing that purity is when he sees her, the fallen angel
Realizing, that he, others, and all the world is filthy without her
He lost his chance, thus he has never said that to her
He never did because he thought that he would defy
Defy what the holy books said, and his certain beliefs
Defying what he long thought to be his idol
Defying what he long thought to be his goal
He was aware of the change, but unaware of its inevitability
Thus, he thought that he could stop it, for he had the ability
And when a person told him: “change yourself and accept it”
He shed tears and defied what so far seemed to perfectly fit
He was stunned, hearing and saying what seemed most painful for him