Lover... in Philosophy Street

Written by: obay alkhoffash

When I cant sleep… that’s mean I am thinking of you
When I sleep… that’s mean I am dreaming of you
And Standing between sleep and not
That is worry of brain..

To talk to you without seeing you… that’s is the insane
To see you without talking to you … that is the stern
And standing between insane and stern
That is sustain..

To think of my past with you… that’s mean to live sad
To think of my future without you… that’s mean to die with glad
And standing between sad and glad
That is the Pain..

And to live my worry with patient and pain… that is the suicide
And to live worried with pain and be patient… that is the impossible

And to stand cowered between the suicide and impossible
That’s mean to stay silent, to stay silent that’s mean I am not alive, not to be a live 
that’s mean I didn’t saw you, and if I didn’t saw you that’s mean I didn’t love you..

But ..I love you,, so I saw you.. and cause I saw you that’s mean I am a live, and 
cause I am a live, its my right to sleep..
And while I cant sleep...thats mean........!!!!!!!!!!!!!!