I tried so hard

Written by: kristin gregoire

Everyday I try so hard to be the best person I can be,
but it's not that simple being me.

I got a house full of stress it makes it hard to progress,I try so hard but it seems 
like I end up in a bigger mess.

On my shoulders I got a heavy load,I try so hard to control my temper but 
sometimes I just explode.

I try so hard to keep it together,But theres apart of me I'm missing and I feel like 
it's gonna be that way forever. I lost apart of my life that seems I'm never getting 
back and that pushes me off track.

I try so hard not to hurt the people I love,but often I say things I dont mean then 
later feel real bad and the rest of the day it will stay with me and have me feeling 
real sad.

I try to not repeat each mistake I make I try so hard to hide my heart ache and to 
hold in these tears that are so real and never fake,for this all to get easier what 
will it take?