Becoming Undone

Written by: Shelbia Chandler

I waited for you with bated breath 
In hopes that once again 
We could share that oneness 
we knew when we were friends. 
But has time and distance erased 
The closeness we once knew? 
Because I feel so very alone, 
Even though I am here with you. 
You offer me love I cannot touch 
As I sit drowning outside in the rain. 
The simplest things matter so much 
Can a voice from the past ease my pain? 
Our wandering feet took separate paths 
Straying far from the ones we once knew, 
but I thought I might unlose myself 
Once I found my way back to you. 
But my journey was over even as it begun 
And hot tears burn a trail down my face 
Because some broken hearts can't be re-strung 
And true friends are too hard to replace. 
But what good is a heart that you cannot touch? 
Or a hand that you reach for in vain? 
Must I run from the place where I once sought my shelter 
To stand shivering alone in the rain? 
Sometimes old clocks can't be unwound 
Are time and love ever truly free? 
Each journey is long and painful 
As I long for how things used to be.