Not the same

Written by: Tiana Tillman

Life ain't what it used to be 
the complications and frustrations are killing me
Every where I go, know matter what I do 
stress and anxiety surround me 
this is far from anything new 
I don't want to feel like i've failed 
I don't want to feel like in myself, I lose 
But it's getting the best of me 
it's tearing me down
I try to find an escape 
I try to find a way out
But I can't run from my problems 
they just continue to mound
They seem to escalate daily
it's like i'm not even here anymore 
i'm hanging on barely
What happened to me 
why am I not the same
It's all my fault 
there's knowone else to blame
I've let myself slip, innocent and sweet
I've completely destroyed that name
I don't know what to do to possibly change 
I'm fading away, all I can feel is pain