Christ Crossed

Written by: Ginna Taylor

Crucify him crucify him my own declared 
Heart a trembling My God so scared
Say who I am the nails I shall feel
Hold back my silence the enemy shall steal
Wounded Oppressed afflicted blows they gave
chosen Apostles runneth into caves
Came I down from far above
created place I am the Dove
Crucify him what's this you say
healed I the sick asketh not for pay
Crucified me while standing and gazing
they all like sheep my children stay grazing
yonder garden where I was betrayed
not one stood with me while I yet prayed
Asked friends will you stay awake
for you see my life they shall take
Gave you life my heart screamed with a sigh
Crucify him is still the reply
Crucify him Crucify him They yelled with glee
ears dull of hearing died I on the tree