Written by: Merv Webster

A cry came out of Charleville ... "Please help our bilby mate! 
Extinction is now on the cards, let's save him from this fate." 
This little Aussie battler, folks, is disappearing fast. 
Five other species have now gone;  this bandicoot's the last. 
Since European settlement it's lost its former range, 
Man's pastoral activities have brought about the change. 
Along with altered habitat, which one might think enough, 
The fox and cat and rabbit too have made life pretty tough. 
Its innocent-like face is cute and bandicoot pink nose, 
But how those ears seem oversize and, yes, there're two of those. 
Its coat is soft, light grey and tan, with a tail that's black and white. 
This critter's somewhat rabbit size, who mostly hunts at night. 
Nocturnal is the word I think and satisfies its needs 
By dieting on insects, fruit, some spiders, bulbs and seeds. 
It shelters through the daylight hours in burrows underground, 
But if you'd hoped to see one folk they're not so eas'ly found. 
They have a few in W.A., the Territ'ry's some too; 
Endangered now in Queensland though, they're rather far and few. 
So Frank and Pete both raised their hands to help the bilby out 
And figured with the nation's help they'd turn their plight about. 
In Currawinya National Park they'll build a netting fence, 
Around some scrub where they can breed and come to their defence. 
The word has got around it seems, folk gather to the fray; 
From product sales and gen'rous gifts that fence is on the way. 
So take a bow both Frank and Pete and all you Aussies who, 
Dug deep to lend a helping hand;  the world has need of you. 
There's still a few things left to do, so spread the word about; 
Perchance we'll save our bilby mate, of that I have no doubt.