My World

Written by: Syndia Payne

I live in a world of words
My tears shed tears
And my lips droop syllables
My mind concentrates too much on 
What to say
Than what to do
My heart is always shackled
By the utter truth

Sometimes I wish I could escape my world
And move to a world of feelings
Maybe my life would bear more meaning
Cause now it seems to be leaning
Too much towards my inner being

In my world
A rose is but rosy
May be beauty, or sorrow
Or love, or the begging of forgiveness
And it is my duty
To describe
Then inscribe
My inside
In my world my paper and ink
Are my best friends
And I carry on a trend
Of jotting and scribbling
Without a suggested end.

In my world 
It is easy to break
For words sometimes say too much
And they never seem to hush
And most times 
They come in a rush
Of silence