...Spoil the child

Written by: Tanika Cooks

You say I’m grounded
Ground me
Impossible it seems to keep me in one spot 
For any length of time
Unless between my thighs 
And make your eyes speak for you
They say more then you ever could
When your glares scream at me
My knees are weak 
I am yours to please 
Ground me
Yes I am grounded
Closer to the floor then I ever thought possible
And you pound me
Over and over again
Until I understand that I’m yours 
There is no pretence 
When I am made yours 
And nothing false about your quickening pace 
As your soft hands touch my face 
And your stare makes love to my mind
Ground me
I need stability 
Your steady hand brings it to me
Round and round again 
Are you ready 
For me 
To test your rod again