What will it take?

Written by: kristin gregoire

                              You were blessed today
           you got out when we thought they were gonna locked you away
                             but you dont look at it that way
               I wish you would stop doing wrong but just one more day
              is what you would always say        
         You heard the judge say this was your last chance
         but your messing up already like your in some kind of trance.

                         What is it gonna really take?
                     Every law you break your risking your loved ones heart to ache.
                    Next time you get caught your gone no more chances
                       arguments were already fought, that should in your head 
                                        always a thought.

                           Do you really wanna go back?do you want that to be your home?
                          do you want to be locked up and barely get to use the phone?
                          What if everyone got fed up and left you alone?
                          Is it really worth the time?Just one night of comitting a crime?
                        When push came to shove who really showed you love?
                         Is it them your really thinking of.