It's Not Possible

Written by: Louise Picek

I said not today,
next time.
But now, it's not possible.
I took for granted this time on earth,
and now I see the truth.
How I wish I hadn't let my selfishness take over me,
given up my time,
just to stop by and say hello.
But now, it's not possible.
You were too young,
just my age, 
not even thirty,
yet forever you are gone.
You went in for one problem,
they researched,
and operated on you,
and sent you home.
Then it all came to a halt,
you became more sick,
barely there,
and life was closing down.
Your captor was Lymphoma,
it was too late.
Now you're gone,
and I keep thinking,
if I hadn't said next time,
hadn't been so selfish,
then we could have had one more moment together.
If you can read this,
I pray please forgive me,
I wish I could rewind time.
so I would not be saying...

It's not possible now.