What Ifs Strike

Written by: Jana Sipkova

Yesterday in school,
Some What Ifs got into my head,
Because I accidentally fell asleep,
This is what they said.

What If I miss the school bus?
What If my parents die?
What If I get 0% on the math test?
What If I poke a needle in my eye?

What If my parents leave me?
What If I miss a school day?
What If people hate me?
What If I mess up the school play?

What If I don’t memorize my lines?
What If I get a hard kick?
What If I miss a soccer game?
What If I get terribly sick?

What If I have a heart attack?
What If I miss a ball?
What If I stay very small?
What If I have a terrible fall?

Then someone woke me,
And I was glad not to be dead.
I found myself not in school,
But at home in my own bed.