Skiing Slope

Written by: Jana Sipkova

                                       go I’ll Soon	  the on
              .drop the down	                                I’m Now
      Now	                                                                 sky.
I’m 	                                                                 from the
      going	                                                                 farther away
               down	                                            farther and
                         this	                                             I fly,
                               big	                                            and lower
	               hill,	                       Now lower
	                         Though	                       snow.
			I 	  ntians of
			  hope	  are mou-
                                                                   I                   All I see
                                                                     won’t        go, 
                                                               get                  and up I 
                                                            ill                        Up and up
                                                Down,                           somewhere.
                                          and                                      a lift
                                 down                                            Sitting in
                              I                                                        into the air,
                          go,                                                       and up and
                faster                                                             I go up
          and                                                                      like chair.
faster                                                                            a thing
       on                                                                            Sitting in
            the                                                                           into the air,
                 snow.                                                                       and up and
                        Now it is the end when, I say, “I want to go again.”  I go up