Calico Cristy

Written by: Jana Sipkova

From the day I was born,
I didn’t have a friend,
I wanted someone close,
With who time I could spend.

Then one day,
My dad suddenly said,
Come on we have to go,
Get out of your bed.

This usually didn’t happen,
I mostly stayed in bed till one.
But I got out of bed and went downstairs,
My dad was already done.

So I quickly ate my food,
And jumped into my dad’s car,
My dad drove and drove and drove,
Very, very far.

Then at last we stopped,
I didn’t know where we were,
But I heard all these noises,
Saying purr purr and purr.

Then my dad said pick one,
I didn’t know what he meant.
But I still stepped forward,
And forward I went.

And then it struck me,
I knew what these noises were,
They were little cute cats,
Saying purr purr and purr

There were so many of them,
I just wanted to take them all,
But I knew my dad wouldn’t let me,
It looked like I was in a cat mall.

Then all of a sudden I spied,
This little calico cat,
Its sad eyes looked at me,
It was skinnier than a bat.

And that is the one we picked,
And I always had a friend from than on,
My little Calico Cristy was her name,
And she was never gone.