Written by: Jana Sipkova

Friday is a busy day
There are so many things to do
Like soccer practice, shopping, homework
And a lot more things too

In soccer practice we do a lot of things
That our coach teaches us for good
Like frying eggs on a grill
But I don’t think we should

When we go shopping we buy
Hamburgers, pizza, and candy
I don’t know why we buy that stuff
And when it will come handy

When I do my homework 
I’m already half asleep
I know I have to do it
I can’t just go to sleep

Then I will come home
When at last I fall in to bed
I realize that tomorrow
I have an even busier day ahead

On Saturday morning when I wake up
I will go to the kitchen and eat
The leftovers from yesterday 
Vegetables and meat

Then I will put on my shoes
And go outside
Into the cool fresh air
Of the countryside 
During the weeks of the year
All my days are the same
You can’t tell them apart
Even by the name