The Truth

Written by: Jana Sipkova

When we think of treasures,
We always think of money.
But we never ask ourselves,
What makes the world sunny?

And diamonds and crystals,
Hanging in the blue,
During the night,
Guiding us through.

Rubies and emeralds,
Sprouting from the ground,
Adding the air a gentle scent,
The whole year ‘round.

A soothing spirit,
Flying through the air,
Giving a feeling of freedom,
To everyone there.

A bitten into cookie,
Thrown up in the sky,
A life threatening adventure,
That flies by.

A life saving substance,
That nothing else can beat,
During a sport,
The guide to defeat.

And now as I sit at my window,
And see what we’ve all got,
Such treasures from heaven,
Better than those bought.

But we don’t really seem to see,
All those treasures around us,
And we want more then we’ll ever need.
This causes a big fuss.

And then in a few years,
We’ll all regret that we weren’t glad,
Long before and way in the beginning,
With what we had.