Written by: westley newcomb

 i know that 
that ur heart been broken 
so many times were it want work again
but trust me i will try....
i'll never let you go

i know that 
i told you a number of lies
not once not twice but a million of times
but trust me now just this one last time
just believe in me
its going to be hard to trust me again
i'll hold on ur hand the best i can
thats no lie i'll never let you go

so lets go
lets run away to a palce
so we want be bather

just take my hand
lets runaway
lets look at the star 
and be together

i'll fix ur broken wounds
fix it better then papper and glue
all  i'll give u is my love
and everything elses will be better

so lets runaway and  be together
lets fix our broken wounds
grab my hand and let runaway together.....