edited version of second chances

Written by: westley newcomb

can we be real?
thats my question.

you hurt my heart you cause it to be broke'n
 i never matched up to your needs 
we need to be real  we need to make believe
that none of this realy happen 

it was just a scene 
a scene you only see in movies
so lets hit rewide
to be happy ever after

we can make a brand new start
we can fix our broking heart
lets  get the glue out 
 put together  each and every part

lets get set and  go
 on our broke'n road 
thats goes on and on and on for ever

have you ever gather our notes?
have you ever ask ur self these questions?
was this real? how did this even happen?

but still you dont want this to happen
we can make this real! 
let's  make this a happy ever after

what put us to this end?
why couldn't we hang on by a tried?
things like this keeps me thinking

 could  we been real ?
or  was this something u wish for in a fairy tail?
 hope one day we can be
happy ever after!