The Land Of Milk And Honey

Written by: Bernadette Langer

Within the year crusades began, 
led by the noblest of the land. 
Hugh Vermandois was first to arrive, 
with an huge army at his command. 

Godfrey and Baldwin arrived next, 
as well as Robert of Normandy. 
Bound by their God and Holy Pope,
to save World's Christianity. 

Across Turkey the armies marched, 
to Nicaea, where Peter had died.
Then onto Antioch they swarmed,
where bible and sword would collide.

From Antioch on to Jerusalem, 
where little resistance was met. 
The crusaders marched without fear, 
or any imminent threat. 

At the gates of Jerusalem, 
the tale would too soon turn. 
As the crusaders camped outside, 
of a call to arms they'd learn.

What up until that moment in time, 
was accomplished without much deed. 
To take Jerusalem it now seemed, 
would take much bloodshed to succeed. 

So the Crusaders surrounded the city, 
reinforced with supplies that arrived.. 
Soon the walls would slowly crumble, 
leaving only crusaders left alive..

They slaughtered Jews in the synagogue, 
and all Muslims in the Dome. 
Through the streets of Jerusalem, 
the crusaders in victory did roam. 

Upon the steps of the Holy Seplechre,
the Christian's gave their praise. 
For there was no on left alive, 
no objection could they raise. 

Soon the Christians assumed the throne, 
with Godfrey being named its King. 
Many years of successive line, 
to the Holy Land they'd bring. 

Over time there would be uprisings, 
many battles would be fought. 
But the Christians maintained control, 
no matter how much death it brought.

The line passed through the years, 
eventually to Amury it did go. 
But before long, his thirteen year old son
was the king they'd come to know. 

For Amury was convinced,
that Egypt should follow suit. 
To Christianity and away,
from uncivilized Muslim root. 

But the Holy land had a new leader 
and Saladin had other plans 
He took Jerusalem back again, 
and in triumph regained the lands.

This would not be the end, 
for the war had just begun. 
The battle for the Holy Lands 
would see more blood freely run.