She Walked by the Ocean

Written by: Tanika Cooks

When the dust settles 

And you look about you 

What will you figure out 


That while entombed in the gritty mist

That you were someone that we could miss

That all of your hopes and dreams were


But convenient place holders 

In your mind


Im so sorry its over

Your hours of self destruction and torture


And I swear any other summer you are 

Something altogether different


Standing by the water

Closer to the edge then you should be 

And you recall what its like to float 

A wise man once told you, to understand jesus 

You first must take a drink 


Stay up late and watch the moon turn into the sun 

With burning eyes and dry tongues 


A self so delirious 

False gods will appear

To lead you to safety 


…question whats real