Flickering Hope

Written by: Siti Aishah Abu Bakar

Follow your heart,
And you'll find your way,
Listen to your heart,
And tell me what it says. 

Deep inside there is a dream,
Something more than it seems,
There seems to be a voice within,
That tells me I should trust Him.

Sometimes it tells me it is going to be alright,
And that there would always be a light shining bright,
But sometimes it feels like I want to surrender,
And my world begins to sunder and shatter. 

It feels now like I cannot go on,
And the path now seems forlorn,
Silent and abandoned for all it may be,
Betrayed by all that was once with me. 

It feels useless and worthless to even try,
For all hopes and dreams began to die,
And it seems everything was a lie,
But time still goes on by and by. 

Hold my hand 
and guide me right.
Never let it go 
and hold it tight.