No Name

Written by: Rachel Holland

Puffy faced she looked at me
The face she had pulled for many a year
She faced the future through half slit eye which couldn’t see the truth
Ouch it hurt it all made so little sense
What was next she dreaded to think
After everything she didn’t know what life had in store
The pain just continued and it never seemed to end
She had had enough and didn’t know where she should turn
The whole cycle was continuing and she didn’t know how to make it stop 
It was getting beyond a joke the longing for something stronger
More powerful a connection she knew her place
Was the spiritual dwelling and yet to get there was like a second birth
And getting there was the pain in the bones which left the long standing ache
She wasn’t sure where to turn so unsteady the roots on which she was sown
The ground shook with uncertainty of an infinite truth and the blessings were
Longed to be found
The space that kept her apart from him
Seemed to never end