Another Night

Written by: Colin Marschall

 I dreamt your illusion
                    {In voyeuristic colours.}

Bedded down the rust
of wizen memories
                    {sun dried.}

Laid harvest moon
upon devils night;
drank vacuous images
it produced.

In the saw-teeth bracelet,
I read another epitaph
                    {and learned your name.}

A bible, sewn to your heart,
Kerouac’s roman candle
burned bright,
                    {not a tiger in sight.}
Yet you always purred,

so loud.

I watched as you
drenching the thirst
of arid admirers.
                    {Laughing at drunken egos.}

That frown you dropped,
landed upside down.
I watched as you picked
up a smile,
then wonder who the madman was.
                    {It was always you.}

Macadam was missing
(in)sanity that you threw
at empty spaces,
while trying to hide,
                    {in between raindrops.}

At least in tomorrow’s birth
we can douse explanations.