Her Minute of Fame

Written by: Louise Picek

She walks out from the crowd,
looking at so many unknown faces.
As the sky begins to darken,
the lights brighten up the sky.

She is anticipating what is to come.
her name bounces off of the speakers,
she is ready to sing,
a tradition passed on age to age.

The crowd stands,
the flag unfurls,
and everyone begins to join in,
but she is heard above them all.

Words trail from her voice,
an echo in the background,
don't get off beat,
just one more note to breathe through.

The crowd begins to go out of control,
they anticipate the end,
she is building excitment inside her soul,
and the final word explodes from her chest.

Her heart begins to settle,
the crowd quiets down,
she has completed her minute of fame,
now the game must go on.