Mad Woman

Written by: Joseph Granda-Padron

I sit next to a mad woman
Talking to herself in the waiting room
Of Vero’s hospital.
We’re on a routine visit and:

“You will never live here!” she states.
I can hear her and her thoughts
It’s her thoughts I hear.

“The door is locked.
Heavy metal locks…
Across town
If something happens to him
You’ll never forgive yourself.
The coats are inside 
The closet.” It comes in blurs.

“You take the locks off the door?
Take him to school…
Terminate the lease…
Open the closet…
Hang your coats in the closet
Not on the furniture.”

Poor woman.
I feel for her in such a way
I wonder if she’s a schizo
She reminds me
Of a slow morning in
December. Cold. Sometimes
Snow & sometimes no snow.

Over there on 161st.”

I’ve been to 161st 
Such a violent place late
At night.

“The door is locked!
Heavy metal locks!
You take the locks off
The door?”

And when the doctor calls her
In to be seen…I thought
I hope he didn’t, whoever
He is, take the locks 
Off the door.
161st is crazy.