The Gift

Written by: Elizabeth Schlicht

My life will never be the same again

I tried to hide my feelings
Even to the point of denying they existed

Why did I chose to cover up 
the most precious gift 
one human being can give another


I will love you now and until the day I die

I will never hide the gift you have given me
Never again

What was I thinking

How could I bury such a priceless treasure

A treasure needs to be treated with respect and tenderness

I cast it aside

I was hurt, angry

Choosing to believe the lies

But, now, I know the truth

I found the gift you gave me

I dug it up, cleaned it off, polished it

Even though it looks like new
There are scratches that will always remain 
as a reminder to never neglect the precious gift

I'm sorry that I hurt you and sorry that I nearly destroyed the beautiful gift

Never can it be buried again

It must be handled gently

Held close to my heart, caressed

Treasured forever

Your love is priceless

A gift I almost threw away

Thank you for giving me the most precious gift in the world