It's All Over Now

Written by: Louise Picek

I've been your friend,
deep down into the well,
and on the highest hill.
I have accepted your faults,
your constant guilt.
I encouraged you to move on,
become better,
to get away from who you were.
But my dear friend,
it's all over now.

I confided in you,
my mistake, 
you were still in a drunken stupor.
You said you wanted the truth,
so I took my heart out,
there you became a butcher.
I thought you could accept me too,
but you just dug into the secret inside,
and there I would lie.
You say it's the alcohol talking,
you were just wasted,
but that's no excuse.
And my dear friend,
it's all over now.

Maybe with me gone
you could get the hint.
You need to get out of all this.
I watched you lose love, 
after love,
because of your closest friend,
your drink,
your novocaine.
Now it's one more loss for you.
My dear friend,
I wish you would just listen.

It's time for you to take a solid hint.
Your novocaine will kill your soul,
become your pain,
and you will never know, 
what I know.
That all you do,
your dear friend and you,
is drive out everyone who truly cares for you.
And because of this,
the years I have sat by, 
and watched you drink away your life,
I must say this very day.
It's all over now.

Our unending friendship,
it must now end.
I pray that one day you sober up,
but till then,
my dear friend,
it's all over now.