Victim of the Night

Written by: Brittany Williams

I've become a victim of the night
the predators they howl my name.
Heads raised up with their pride,
a haunting silence in their taunting stride,
waiting for me to come their way. 
Once the dark night hides the sun,
the greatest devourers have temporarily won
for within the depths of my mind they stay. 
All at once, they swarm, they stalk,
overwhelming me, encircling me, as I start to fall.
I'm caving in and I want to break
to protect myself I ease into a mindless escape. 
Then as the dark night slowly turns to day
they leave me to be left in this vacant state.
When I arise from my wake a foolish relief to find
there's a short absence from their taunting stride.
But once the dark night hides the sun,
again I hear the predators ignite their cry,
and I've become a victim of the night.