Forms and data

Written by: Rachel Holland

This charade of life’s routine
Is fading the glory and tarnishing dreams
Humiliated in public and organised
Filling in forms, taking on form to survive
Our freedom stripped, our minds untangled
Living a dream of a nation in chains
Crossing Mountains and terraces
To an infinite reality
Watching in terror as our walls are torn down

In disrepair we dared to touch
The void of a bigger kind of truth
This waiting game catches my fall
And cradles me until the time is right
Hop, skip, jump to my destination
Our cities crumble
Etching the lines to a new province

Setup tomorrow
There is no tomorrow
When all of the world is drowning in sorrow
Saving for what?
Time colliding a little faster
The visions of a past time
Set as a spring trap
Etched in diamonds
Sparkling brilliance a new kind of day
Emerging from the darkness
That they fooled you was reality

Cut us down and string us high
This is not the right day to die
Leaping forward this tag team of life
Graceless fall of time travel time forgot
Next in line our species of doom
We count the minutes and seconds
We wait on our simple thrones
Breeding immortality
Day by day 
The truth outshines itself