Rahul Dravid

Written by: Prateek Tripathi

Great careers are not shaped by hopes,
No one like him to fill easily the loopholes;
The gladiatorial spark which he spread,
Under Tendulkar's shine it got fade;
Mr. Dravid a classical batsmen's epitome,
His generosity here and there roam;
You will always like him on greenery when India 20/4,
With Steyn,Anderson and Martin fearlessly roar;
His defence never failed either it is hot or cold,
He never had been fierce like Gayle's mould;
The wall with 24,208 bricks and 209 tiles,
Unfolds his journey to Cricket miles by miles;
Cricket is a religion in India and Tendulkar is God,
He might be somewhere in the ministry of lord;
No one can create another Dravid,
It takes 16 years of hard cricket to be so vivid; 
He was most brutally used by captains,
Sometimes wicketkeeping,sometimes opening anything for the emblem;
Numbers,numerals never gave him favour,
Neither he was a great gambler;
Always cheerful to play the superballs over wind breeze,
Creating some of them into symphony whenever on crease;
With Sehwag,Tendulkar and Ganguly he made great partnerships,
But it was something special with Laxman whenever Aussies gave hardships;
The spark of the traditionalism which he gave in modern era,
Spread the flint of 70-80's cricket vierra;
The silent achiever and steady hunter,
The voracious reader and impeccable learner;
The longevity of facing most no. of deliveries glorifies his patience,
Always eager to learn from from senior any lesson;
This is the story of my favourite cricketer,
Rahul Dravid ,my hero,Mr.Cool,Mr.Dependable;
You will be missed by million hearts,
A mode of inspiration for me by creating a legendary benchmark.