Sonnet to Yrainse

Written by: Wing Chuen Yu

Year after year, each year's like a white veil --
Green days were tarnished and made a white cast.
Sometimes amazing scenes are like a gale --
Blows off the veils, relives the far, bare past.

Warm winds hailed my ship in the boundless Nile.
Beneath the diamond sky I laid down:
Once 'bove the beach, the stars gave us a smile,
When we thought that "Youth" was our proper noun.

The lamplight's gold foil buoyed by Cam's dark stream.
Eyes closed -- breeze, grass scent -- just my every sense:
I saw Xu Zhi-mo punt towards his dream,
I saw us punt towards our future tense.

The last veil drops: at the O'camp you danced.
Years fled; skin wrinkled but the bond's enhanced.