No One Around My Shoulder(My World has gotten colder)

Written by: Bart Jonas

                                                     I am awake
                                                    there is no sun
                                                   Continue to arise
                                                   Yet the day feels like it's done

                                                   Cold and silent morning
                                                   there are no automobiles on the road
                                                  The trees have eyes
                                                  They are the only ones to stare back at me

                                                   Coffee on the table
                                                   Morning dew dripping from the ceiling
                                                   The paper boy forgot to bring me the news
                                               This city is  deathly silent as the pain of nothing ensues

                                                   I slowly turn to get myself dressed
                                                   The fear is within me that much to confess
                                                   Earl of the daylight
                                                   Pauper controls the night
                                                   when the work day(without anyone around)is done
                                                   Gentle man is weary,the younger folk has won

                                                   They have left an old fogey to moan
                                                   Treading off to the country side
                                                   They want John Denver to take them back home
                                                   it is irony that I wallow in misery
                                               Generation Y goes back to a simpler Songwriter's story