My Lyric

Written by: Karena Brown

IN sync
with how I think
twinkling eyes
reveal a provoking mind
moving slowly
tempting the word
you heard 
I speak quickly
extinguish your thought
I know but no!
I'm not ready to 
be at ease with you
to sink your meddling 
fingers into my skin 
caressing me gently
I know but!
I'm not ready for you
to tell me about 
your day,
to introduce me to new,
igniting my passions with touch.
I know... but...nnnooo!
I'm not ready for pain to be erased
and you being the reason.
I'm not ready for 
sentimental thoughts
on paper
accented with a
kaleidoscope of colours.
A scent for each hue
You know I'd love....
I'm not ready to release my grip...
take a sip of my divine
A sign for you
I have not resigned. resignation.