The One For Me

Written by: Pravir Dass

It was you who told me 
Everything I wanted to hear
For you loved all that I loved entirely.
It was you who enslaved my eyes
With your amazing heirs of grace, style and charisma
Making sure that they never strayed nor told more lies.
It was you who convinced me to take a walk that day 
And begin the greates experience of my life
For we walked, talked and kissed the whole day away.
And I wished that you were the one for me.

It was you who placed your heart within my palms
So that I could breathe it, so that I could feel it beat.
But it was so great that I could barely hold it in my arms.
It was you who took hold of mine
And suddenly, you became its beat!
A beat that beat all others so now only it does shine.
It was you who became my hearts greatest beat
For you set new standards for beats everywhere
Making the rest of them cower and retreat.
And I thought that you were the one for me.

And now I'm a little upset  you see.
For I am not in control of  yself  when you are near
And this is not me normally.
It is me now 
Whom you've captured in an emotional net
A net that knows no gloom nor any form of sorrow.
It is my nights of sleeping in peace 
That I have given up for you 
For I get lost when I am with you.
Lost in your smile, lost in your arms,
Lost in that myterious universe in your eyes.
And its me now who is beginning to enjoy being lost in you
For the feeling is unique and unadulterated.
Left untouched by dirty hands, 
But I still wonder, are you the one for me?