Written by: Pravir Dass

I wish I could do things
O how I wish I would.
Dangerous things, wild things,
Things that would make even the Devils heart
Beat a rapid new beat.

I need to know things
I really wish I already did.
Manic things, exhuberent and important things
Things that would render the suns light,
Pale by comparison.

I wish to see so many things.
Beautiful things, colourful things.
Things more vibrant, more vivid 
Then any fantasy could create.

I wished a wish to feel certain things,
Amorous things, shy things,
Things from lust filled dreams
Of passionate martyrs
Borne from the jealousy of Cupid himself!

I wish a wish everyday, yesterday and today.
Tomorrow I shall wish again
Wishing one of my wishes would fall on fairies ears 
So that maybe, one day,
I could be happy.